Una buena razón motiva a que cientos de mujeres muestren su celulitis en Instagram

Con el hashtag #cellulitesaturday, mujeres de todo el mundo muestran que la celulitis es más normal de lo que la industria de la belleza nos hace creer. ¿Te animarías?

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Desde hace unos años, muchas personas ha utilizado la red social Instagram como una vía de protesta.

A través de la plataforma miles de mujeres del mundo han logrado transmitir un mensaje.

Gracias a ellas, la red social de las fotografías con filtros se ha comenzado a llenar con imágenes de mujeres con celulitis.

Con el hashtag, #cellulitesaturday, decenas de mujeres muestran que la celulitis es más normal de lo que la industria de la belleza nos hace creer

If you all told me this time last year, I'd be doing this, I would have lost my shit on you. "Are you kidding?!" "I can't show that!!" "It's apart of myself I've been trying to get rid of for years!!" "Not until it's gone." "Not until I'm smoother." "Not until I'm leaner." "Not until I'm different." The reason why these thoughts are particularly harmful in re to cellulite is that cellulite is LITERALLY harmless. It has nothing to do with health. Nothing to do with health. Btw, nothing to do with health. Nothing to do with; Physical capabilities. Agility. Stamina. None of it. It is ONLY a cosmetic issue. 🚫 Cosmetic. Cos•me•tic It exists in 90% of women. 👈 It doesn't discriminate against body types, it happens at different levels of body fat %'s, from body posi fat babes, to thinner women like me, to bikini competitors. 👈 It's COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO YOUR HEALTH. IT HAS NO INDICATION OF YOUR ATHLETICISM. IT SURE AS SHIT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF YOUR BEAUTY ✨💞 It exists in 90 fucking percent of women because we are genetically predisposed to having it. THE 👏 EXACT 👏 SAME 👏 WAY 👏 MEN 👏 ARE 👏 GENETICALLY 👏 PREDISPOSED 👏 TO 👏 HAVING 👏 BEARDS 👏 As if a freckle. Or birthmark. Or being born with brown hair vs red hair. It just exists! 🤷‍♀️💁🤗 It's still difficult for me to accept, but I keep these facts in place and I try hard to know my body isn't doing anything wrong. My body isn't against me. 💓 This is how it looks. This is me. 🤙 And it's okay for you to be you too. Rock it, boo. #happysaturday #cellulitesaturday #cellulite #cantspellcellulitewithoutulit #litaf #nowrongwaytobeawoman #loveyourself

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Tener este 'defecto" no tiene nada que ver con una talla, pues mujeres delgadas también la tienen y no tendrían porqué avergonzarse de ella.

Un solo objetivo

Este movimiento busca que ellas no se sientan presionadas por tener un cuerpo perfecto.

Su intención no es promover malos hábitos de alimentación, sino que se acepten y rompan con los estereotipos de belleza que, en muchos casos, son producto de manos virtuosas con el Photoshop.


  • Una de las usuarios escribió:

"Tengo celulitis como el 90 por ciento de la población femenina. No soy menos hermosa por eso, no valdría más si no la tuviera. Mi cuerpo no está mal, no es un problema que deba ser reparado. Mi cuerpo es suave, como el algodón. Y tiene curvas, como un violín".

  • ¿Quieres sumarte?

Si tú también quieres unirte a este movimiento que promueve la aceptación, sube tu foto bajo el hashtag #cellulitesaturday.


It's #cellulitesaturday so I wanted to take a moment to highlight a part of my body I don't talk about often: my legs! Not only do I have cellulite, but I have a few varicose veins that are very noticeable after my 150lbs of WeightLoss, and honestly I LOVE my legs. ———————————————- There's nothing wrong with a woman's leg not being smooth and perfect. 90% of women have cellulite, and it's about time we stop being shamed for something so natural. It's not unhealthy or ugly, and even Victoria's Secrets models have cellulite (before photoshop)! I hope one day every woman can stand tall on their beautiful legs and be proud of them, no matter what craters, bumps, veins, hair, etc. (in case anyone might ask, this picture was taken before my TT.)

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I'm so excited to be partnering with @aerie and @neda for National Eating Disorders Awareness week to bring awareness to eating disorders and promote a body positive attitude. Although I've never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, I know people who have. I also have had past disordered eating habits that stemmed from really low self esteem and very poor body image that became crippling in many ways. Below are a few facts about ED's found on NEDAs page: . 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner 😔 . 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat 😔 . 69% of American elementary school aged girls who read magazines say the pictures influence their concept of body image and 47% of those girls want to lose weight because of the images 😔 . Up to 1/3 of ED sufferers are male 😔 . ED's have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness, have the highest prevalence, and are the least funded 😔 . Weight loss is really mentally challenging. It's hard not wanting to be "less" in order to be or feel like you are "more". I think a part of me will always question or wonder whether I'm enough as is. However, once my mindset changed from thinking I had to be less in order to be more, my perspective on what weight loss meant truly changed. I wanted to be fitter, stronger, and healthier and I stopped worrying so much about how my body looked. I stopped caring how others perceived it. Prior to starting my fitness journey I would have never posted an "unflattering" picture of myself, but now I will gladly post them any day in the hopes of promoting a self loving message! . The happiness and body positive aspect of my journey has nothing to do with looking better. It really doesn't even have to do with feeling better either. The confidence, self acceptance and love I've gained has come from a change in both attitude and heart. I don't see myself for what my body looks like anymore, I see myself to my core, what makes me human, what makes me uniquely me! You have a body that allows your soul to thrive! You have a body, but who you are is not defined by it because you are so so so much more 🌿✨💕#AerieREAL #sponsored #AeriePartner #AerieSupports #nedaweek

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Same girl, same day, same pose…different lighting. • I just wrote a long and thoughtful comment that somehow wouldn't post and got erased so I'll do my best to sum it up: • Reflections and photos, they aren't always a true depiction of your body and certainly not a true depiction of WHO YOU ARE. • If you're fixating on one photo or you catch your reflection in a shop window and are flooded with horror and think "is that really what I look like?" just take a moment and remember that lighting, mirrors, glass….they change from place to place and no matter how they make you look, your reflection is NOT who you are. • An image of you will never capture your depth, complexity, or worth. An image will never display how your laugh fills a room, the way you love, or how you make others feel. • If you and your reflection are battling, i'd encourage you to take some baby steps away from the mirror. Maybe, do your makeup in your pjs, and after you get dressed, leave the house without looking at your fully dressed reflection. I know I know, your face rn is like: 😳😰😱 "OMG I can't do that" but I'm telling you from my own experience that it's possible. • I threw out my full-length mirror, and only have one in my bathroom. I can see my face, part of my body, and have to fight 2 roommates to even get in there, so, I spend much less time staring. I don't fixate because I simply can't see my whole body. And that's good for me. Maybe it could be good for you too. • Baby steps. If you aren't giving the person in the mirror the love they deserve, maybe you need to take a little bit of a break…take some space. Think about how to show her you love her, truly. How to love MORE than just her reflection, but who she really is. You both deserve it. 💕 • #CelluliteSaturday #LoveYourBody #LoveYourSelf #BodyPositive

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