FOTOS: ¿Qué hace esta famosa actriz de cine para adultos en Guatemala?

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Greasy hair is the look this entire trip 🌸

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Cute lil angeles 👼🏼🙏🏻✨🌸💘🚤🌏🌿

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Eee omg in love with him 🤗🌸🙏🏻✨🌿💘🌞 Lil Ruben!!! Muy guapo 😭🌸💘🌏

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Despite not feeling the greatest unfortunately, I still decided to make the best of my day off & visit this incredible place. The waterhole is cool & the waterfall is hot. It is so beautiful✨I took a tuk tuk from my hostel & the driver drove me to the wrong area apparently so a nice man took me on his motorbike to a small bus that we fit way too many people on & drove 45 minutes through remote areas outside of Rio Dulce to get to this place. You get off the bus & are bombarded by little ones trying to sell you coconuts🌿💓 Walking to the water fall you see families of children bathing & playing in the river through the jungle, pigs, dogs, etc. While I was there I met an older man who led me up the water fall to a small hot spring cave area where there was mud to rub on my body & then a family who drove me back to my hostel & took me to the pharmacy to buy me a remedy to help me feel better.🙏🏻💧🌏 I am so blessed & grateful eternally. Our Earth is beautiful with beautiful humans who inhabit it. I see it everyday. The moments when I am most excited & grateful I meet the most kind people, it is not a coincidence.🌞🌸 I'm just hoping I can feel better ASAP, adjusting to new places can be difficult 🙏🏻

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My home currently.🙏🏻🌏🌸🌿💓

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Since being at Casa Guatemala I've seen children walk around with half a flip flop, children with shirts two sizes too small, children with pants ripped up the back. I've never seen kids so excited to get a new pencil, a new book, or just to wear a necklace that's not theirs for a while. Materialistically speaking, they have next to nothing yet as soon as they get something new they want to share it with you or give it to you. I'll never know why I was born where I was, with the opportunities I have had, & the privileges I remain to have, but I do know with all of it I am able to use these privileges to lend my time, hands, and love to others who have not. I am no better or no worse. None of us are. But I know I have a lot to give these children just as they have a lot to give me. Each day while my heart breaks for something or someone here it is filled with love by another. If you feel like giving, please let me know. All donations made to Casa Guatemala go DIRECTLY toward the upkeep of the organization, as it is non-government funded & relies solely on those donations as well as the volunteer work from people near & far like me. Shoes, clothes, soap, toothpaste, paper, pencils, or even just $5. It is all going directly toward the care, accommodation, nurturing, & school of the children here. I swear they have enough love to give in return for anything that is given to them & then some ~ 🙏🏻🌸🌿💓🤗💘🌏🚤🌝💓✨

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Guatemala se ha convertido en uno de los destinos predilectos para varios famosos, quienes hacen espacio en sus apretadas agendas para visitar el país.

Desde importantes figuras de Hollywood, hasta cantantes y modelos, muchas son las celebridades que se dejan seducir por la belleza de nuestros destinos turísticos.

La última en sumarse a esta lista es la sensual actriz del cine para adultos, Lily Ivy, quien visitó Río Dulce, en Izabal, para realizar actividades de voluntariado con la ONG, Casa Guatemala.

De acuerdo con información de su página web, Casa Guatemala busca proporcionar un hogar seguro, cuidado, atención médica y educación a niños que son abusados, abandonados o que viven en extrema pobreza.

Durante su estadía, la joven actriz ha dejado de lado su faceta más íntima y se ha enfocado en compartir con los niños que residen en la comunidad. Además, ha compartido en su perfil de Instagram (@nakedbl0ndeee) varias fotografías de su visita y se mostró conmovida por la experiencia.

Me encanta ver a los niños jugando de manera tan creativa en la naturaleza. No cuentan con tecnología durante el día, solo juegan y corren y ríen. Envidio la energía que tienen“, escribió en una de sus publicaciones.

Los voluntarios que participan con Casa Guatemala trabajan directamente con los niños, desempeñando diversas tareas como orientadores, instructores de educación física o maestros de inglés, entre otras.

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