Carta a Nancy Pelosi

Envié una carta en protesta al despacho de Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, para desmentir mentiras, injurias y falsedades de grupúsculo de 23 traidores a Guatemala que ilegalmente piden intervención en asuntos internos a su oficina en Washington, D. C.
Giovanni Fratti
Giovanni Fratti

Envié una carta en protesta al despacho de Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, para desmentir mentiras, injurias y falsedades de grupúsculo de 23 traidores a Guatemala que ilegalmente piden intervención en asuntos internos a su oficina en Washington, D. C.

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Gepostet von Giovanni Fratti am Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2020

La carta

Dear Madam Speaker:

We have learned that a group of Guatemalan citizens, -whose common denominator is to have been government bureaucrats of high rank in our country-, have sent you a letter denouncing their fears that organized crime is taking the control of the main agencies and institutions of our country and prayed for assistance.

The sole idea that organized crime could be taking or controling the agencies and institutions of the country is terrifying, not only there in the United States of America, but in whatever other country of the world.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned, the letter addressed to you is full of fallacies and post-truths, inconsistencies of the type that you have been aggressiveley combating all your political life.

Consequently it would not be proper for you to acquire an inadequate and wrong concept derived from such a malicious letter.

We shall clarify you that niether of us, the signatories of this letter, have the flamboyant bureaucrat titles of the other letter, we are simply citizens and entrepreneurs, that with our local taxes support the salaries amd expenses of said bureaucrats.

It is absolutly false that with the expulsion of CICIG (Comision Internacional Contra la Impunidad en Guatemala) the criminal groups have regained control of numerous High Courts in the country, simply because the Courts have not yet changed (!) The High Courts in Guatemala are elected every four years and the last electoral process to this respectb, was paralized by the alliance of the Constitutionality Court, The Human Rights Office and the far left and very corrup Foundation Myrna Mack. The sole and exclusive reason: that the list of candidates to be elected magistrates of the High Courts, did not included the attorneys of the “Mack List”.

The “Mack List” is a group of corrupt magistrates that in the last decade have been occupying crucial positions in the Judiciary System of the country. The Human Rights Office (Procurador de los Derechos Humanos), 4 magistrates of the Constitutionality Court, locally known in our jargon as the “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse”; and some magistrates of the Court of Appeals are some of the examples of this corruption in our Judicial System. It is also important to mention that the attorneys of the “Mack List” (serving as Judges) where professionals unconditionally at the orders of the CICIG, and with their cohabitation, they resulted responsible of many illegalities including the death of many innocent people and defendants.

The fight against communism -something that you, by your seniority, remember very well- was not a fight that the Republic of Guatemala chose by it self, in so far as it was the result of a cooperation program with the Government of the USA, whose international policy so demanded at the time in all of LatinAmerica. The signatories of the other letter are still using this obsolete concepts, in as much as you will find among the personal signatories guerrilla terrorists, that are still sore of the radical defeat that they suffered from the Guatemalan Army, fight in which the cooperation of the USA was a unvaluable and a crucial support.

This tactics that they are using, are a dilatory tactic, against the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala, in electing the High Courts, and is another “post-truth”.

The cohabitation among the Constitutionality Court, plus the Office of Human Rights, and the corrupt Myrna Mack Foundation, provoked a constitutional breakdown that halted the normal election of the High Courts by the Guatemalan Congress. They are still pretending that the official list of candidates to the High Courts, officialy approved by the Appointment Committee be subjectively modified by a cuasi employee of the CICIG, Juan Francisco Sandoval of the Fiscalia Contra la Impunidad (a puppet Prosecutor Office of the Attorney General Office of the Republic, created by CICIG). The Congress of the Republic is at this time, between two powerful forces. On the one hand, this governmental body has the clear constitutional mandate, by the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, on how to proceed with the election of the Magistrates of the High Courts. On the other hand, it is subject to a illegitimate and illegal orden from the Constitutionality Court, that is reflecting the personal interest of the “Mack List” in delaying and manipulating the High Court election.

The bipartisan support of the USA, not only aginst the fight against organized crime, but also in other highly sensitive areas in the US-Guatemala long diplomatic relation, wherein the hearts of the US Citizens, have always supported Guatemala, and it always will be more than welcome.

Today, what is really important is that the Honorable Speaker of the House not be confuesed and lied -in concept- by the flamboyant titles of persons that are requesting you intermediation. To support this very questionable alliances of a micro group of ex bureaucrats in the political world in Guatemala, is not to provide an honest and genuine support against organized crime. It will be to support an criminal alliance that is as bad or worse than organized crime, because they are operating under a false appearence of rule of law, but in reality they are supporting organized crime, far left guerrillas and corruption. Repugnant!

Madam Pelosi, you are a political woman, of many politically important battles, not only in the USA, but around the world, and for shure you are probably the last of the genuine Democrat woman in the US Congress. Please, be kind enogh not to be deluded by these false prophets that are just a very lazy and corrupt group of bureaucrats that want to move the international strands to continue “milking the cow”


Giovanni Fratti, Guatemalan Attorney at Law and Opinion Journalist

Fernando Linares Beltranena, Guatemalan Attorney at Law, Bussines Man and ex Constitutional Delegate.

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