¿El mejor peluquero del mundo? Regala cortes a los vagabundos

“Haz algo, a cambio de nada”

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This is Aman. He has been homeless in London for the last four months. Aman didn't have any requests for how he wanted his hair apart from saying 'Tidy me up!' - so I got to work. It was amazing to spend time with him and to learn about his life. He was very open with me, saying alcohol played a big part in him becoming homeless. 'Drink is the problem, it got to the point where I knew I was relying on it and that's not good.' He told me how it effected the people around him and his life in general. He talked about London being a tough place since living on the street and now realising he took for granted some of the amenities most of us have access to every day. It was great to give him a transformation, making him feel like his old self again for a while. ✂️ Every time I do this I learn, whatever the reasons contributing to someone being in a bad situation in their life, we have to treat them with love. It's the only way people. #DoSomethingForNothing

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This is Paul, 54 years old. I found Paul sat down on The Strand, one of the busiest streets in Central London. I wandered how many people he must see walking by each day. As soon as I approached him he gave me a big smile and I knew I'd enjoy getting to know this man. Paul was born in Yorkshire, he's been homeless for the last five years. After working as a mechanic for the majority of his career in the north of England, he moved up to Scotland to enjoy the next chapter of his life. Unfortunately things didn't work out quite as easy as he'd thought. Paul struggled finding work and when the money he had saved ran out he could no longer pay his rent. This led him to his first night on the street. Paul told me he got a cheap bus down to London, mainly because of slightly warmer climates and a new experience. He's been on the street here for the last few months and is hoping for a break soon, to get back on his feet again and back to a life he once knew. Meeting Paul was an experience I won't forget. We sat down and shared stories for an hour after his haircut and I couldn't have felt happier in his company. I could feel his confidence had increased ten fold. I thanked him for spending his time with me and letting me help him, doing what I love ✂️ #DoSomethingForNothing

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Josh Coombes dejó de ser un simple peluquero para convertirse en uno de los personajes destacados en por medios de todo el mundo. ¿La razón? Decidió recorrer las calles de Londres con un objetivo: cortar de cabello gratis a las personas más pobres, lo indigentes. 

“Busco conectarme con la gente haciendo esto” , explicó Coombes en entrevista para la cadena británica “BBC”. Y cuenta su forma de trabajar: se acerca a las personas, les cuenta qué hace y les pregunta si les gustaría participar. 

Para Coombes, no es su historia la que importa sino la de las decenas de personas a quienes conoce a través de un corte de cabello. Él se encarga de darle voz a las personas sin techo de Londres, que de acuerdo a cifras oficiales, son 940. Un número que creció 27% en el último año. 

Además de publicar las fotografías de antes y después del corte, Joshua publicadas historias que las personas le narran, lo que le ha valido tener 152 mil seguidores en su cuenta de Instagram @joshuacoombres. 

“Él es Aman, ha sido vagabundo durante los últimos cuatro meses. Él ni siquiera pidió un corte en específico, simplemente me dijo ‘ponme en orden’ y empecé a trabajar”, explica el peluquero de uno de sus casos más recientes. “Fue muy abierto conmigo y me dijo que el alcohol jugó un papel fundamental en que él se convirtiera en vagabundo. Me dijo que le afectó a él y a su familia, Fue muy importante hacerle un corte de cabello, para que recupere la confianza en sí por un momento”, añade.

“Haz algo, a cambio de nada”

El peluquero es uno de los fundadores de la campaña altruista #DoSomethingForNothing con la que hace un llamado a sus seguidores en Instagram a hacer un acción deliberada sin esperar algo a cambio.

La campaña la fundó junto a dos amigos, Matt Spracklen y Dave Burt. Ellos aseguran que, si bien es cierto que hacer algo por los demás hace un bien a los otros, también hay beneficios para la persona voluntaria

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