FOTO. El actor Dwayne Johnson sorprende a su padre con un gran regalo

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Bought my dad a Christmas gift and surprised him. He's had a hard life. This one felt good. My dad, Rocky Johnson is a minimalist. Always has been. Never asks me for much and over the years his needs are always the barest. Crazy story, my dad's dad died when he was 13yrs old. That Christmas, my dad's mom had her new boyfriend over for Christmas dinner. Her boyfriend got drunk and pissed on the turkey. My dad went outside, got a shovel, drew a line in the snow and said if you cross that line I'll kill you. The drunk crossed it and my dad laid him out cold as a block of ice. Cops were called. They told my dad's mom that when her boyfriend regains consciousness, he's gonna kill your son so one of them has got to go. In front of the entire family, my dad's mom looked at him and said get out. He was 13yrs old and now homeless. That f*cked up true story happened in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1954. He needed the bare minimum then, just like does now. Over the years, I've moved him into a big home, got him trucks to drive - which he'll literally drive into the ground until I get him something else. Hell, I'll get him anything he wants, but the SOB just won't ask;). Every Christmas, I always think about that story and my dad having every odd stacked against him at 13, but he fought thru it and still made something of himself. Makes me appreciate his struggle and hard work. Also, makes me appreciate the fun times he would beat my ass in the gym so bad when I was 13 and say "If you're gonna throw up, go outside.. and if you're gonna cry, then go home to your mother". I hated it then, but I embrace it now. Made a man outta me. Without pissing on my turkey. 😂👍🏾. Just a small way of saying thank you dad and Merry Christmas! #DwantaClaus🎅🏾

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Spent three excellent days at FORD headquarters in Detroit. As the ambassador, I wanted to spend time with multiple divisions within the company and the hard working brilliant teams who pour their blood and sweat into their work. I'm standing deep underground inside an undisclosed FORD building (if I told you I would have to hunt you down on the 'gram and kill you;) where for years, this globally exclusive GT was engineered. Roughly 1,000 exist and if you're a car aficionado then you know how incredibly bad ass and one of kind this vehicle is. Spent time here with the brilliant designers (the team was comprised of only a handful of designers from around the world) who engineered this car and I appreciate them taking me thru the entire process (from 1965) and inspiration behind it. Truly fascinating and what an education and new found respect I now have for the design & engineering process. You're looking at the 2016 Le Mans WINNER that was built solely to compete and win that race. Goal accomplished. You're also looking at 6'5, 260lbs of big, brown, bald, tattooed man who has 0% chance of fitting in this beauty. But that's ok, the designers are building me a custom RAPTOR, because that's how the ambassador rolls. More to come later. What an education. You car enthusiasts would've loved this! #BloodGutsAndBrilliance #Ambassador #Ford

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Dwayne Johnson, mejor conocido como “The Rock”, sorprendió a su padre con un gran regalo para Navidad. El actor compartió en sus redes sociales una fotografía en donde le obsequia un automóvil.

No es la primera vez que Johnson tiene este tipo de detalles con sus padres, ya que en 2012 también le regaló a su madre un auto.

“Le compré a mi padre este regalo de Navidad para sorprenderlo. Él ha tenido una vida muy dura y darle esto se siente muy bien”, escribió Dwayne para acompañar la tierna imagen.

“Mi padre, Rocky Johnson, es un minimalista, siempre lo ha sido. Nunca pide nada y pone sus necesidades de último. Una historia loca… el padre de mi padre murió cuando él tenía 13 años. Esa Navidad su mamá invitó a su nuevo novio a pasar la Navidad en su casa. El novio se emborrachó y orinó en el pavo”, relata el actor en su publicación.

“Mi papá salió al jardín, tomó una pala, dibujó una línea y le dijo ‘si cruzas esta línea te mataré’. El novio cruzó la línea y mi papá lo golpeó hasta dejarlo en el suelo. La policía llegó y le dijeron a su madre que cuando su novio recuperara la conciencia iba a querer matar a su hijo (mi padre)”, continúa la historia.

“Frente a toda la familia la madre de mi padre lo vio y le dijo que se fuera. Él tenía tan solo 13 años y ya no tenía hogar. Es una historia verdadera que ocurrió en Amherst, Nueva Escocia, Canadá en 1954. Desde entonces mi padre ha necesitado lo mínimo para vivir”, explica Dwayne.

“Con el paso de los años le regalé una casa más grande y camionetas para conducir. Yo le daría a mi padre todo lo que él quiera pero a veces es muy testarudo. Cada Navidad pienso en esta historia y me hace apreciar todo el trabajo duro que hizo”, cuenta.

“Me hace apreciar incluso esos momentos en que pateaba mi trasero en el gimnasio. Me hizo una mejor persona sin tener que orinar en mi pavo. Esta es solo una pequeña muestra de mi agradecimiento papá. Feliz Navidad”, concluye Johnson.

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