FOTOS: Atacan la revista de Oprah Winfrey por "avergonzar" a mujeres plus size

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@Oprah and @OprahMagazine, you have made a critical oversight today. I don't think you meant to be intentionally malicious with this completely ignorant article, in fact I don't think you put much thought into it at all - and that's part of the problem. This idea that it's acceptable to police women's clothing and body choices is so ingrained in our society and, as a publication that aims to empower women, it's disappointing to see such internalised shaming, misogyny and oppression. Let me tell you, as a woman who HAS had a flat stomach previously, I felt no less judged wearing a crop as a thin woman than I'm sure many women of all shapes and sizes feel right now. Adding to the constant magnifying glass that women are under serves only to keep us small and it's toxic advice like this that keeps SO MANY of us locked in a perpetually abusive relationship with food, dieting and ourselves. As women, we need to be lifting each other up. I definitely do not have a flat stomach but you know what? I felt pretty damn fly working out in my #croptop today. Should I be scrutinised on the next episode of Fashion Police? I don't think so (don't even get me started on what I think of that show, actually). So, I propose this: Instead of preaching how women should be dressing to appease the uncomfortable gaze of small minded folks, lets instead preach that it's okay to wear things just for ourselves - and it's okay to be uncomfortable with other's clothing choices because at the end of the day, you don't have to look. These "fashion rules" serve only to keep us small and lord knows, we need less internalised shaming in the world. #ifandonlyifiwantto #bopo #BodyShaming #bodyshame #croptops #oprah #oprahmagazine #bodypositive #bodypositivity #honormycurves #rockthecrop #effyourbeautystandards #pizzasisters4lyfe #riotsnotdiets #radicalbodylove #bodyposiwarrior #bodylove4all #bodypositive #celebratemysize #honourmycurves #selfie #gym #fashion #losehatenotweight

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En la revista de Oprah Winfrey apareció un curioso tip de moda que mostraba que las mujeres de vientre abultado no debían usar crop top.

Por supuesto, esto enfureció a varias blogueras plus size, que cuestionaron semejante consejo y lo tildaron de “bodyshaming”. Entonces, comenzaron a hacer esto:

Varias blogueras cuya historia de vida ha estado ligada a los temas del cuerpo y las tallas, también comenzaron a cuestionar a la revista de Oprah con un movimiento en Internet llamado #rockthecrop

Incluso la famosa modelo plus size Tess Holliday dio su opinión en Twitter.

El movimiento se extendió a Twitter y la gente siguió haciendo lo suyo en Instagram.

En la galería verán a varias mujeres “plus size” usando bikini y qué se ha generado en torno a ellas. Para leer la información desde un smartphone o tablet, seleccionen “ampliar galería” y luego “mostrar texto”.

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